Halifax 1768

Halifax (1768)

Plans by Harold M. Hahn

hms halifax (1)_0.jpg

Model by Harold M. Hahn
image courtesy Chris Hahn

HMS Halifax was a schooner built for merchant service at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1765 that the British Royal Navy purchased in 1768 for coastal patrol in North America in the years just prior to the American Revolution. She is one of the best documented schooners from early North America.

This model was also one of the subject matters of Harold M. Hahn's book "The Colonial Schooner". The plans are based on the Halifax as altered for service in the Royal Navy in 1768.

The plans for the Halifax are drawn at a scale of 1/4" = 1' (1:48) and include

Plate 1 - Profile, Deck and Section
Plate 2 - Master Framing Plan
Plate 3 - Frames (A-N)
Plate 4 - Frames (O-X, I-IV)
Plate 5 - Remaining Frames, Frame Jig)
Plate 6 - Rigging Plans

The fully rigged model dimensions:

Length: 26" - 660.4mm
Breadth: 7 1/4" - 184.2mm
Height: 20 3/4" - 527mm


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