Scale 4_1

Scale Conversions

To install this programme you need to download and run a 'Windows' installation file.
Depending on the browser and the version of Windows you are running, there are some points to note and some problems you may encounter.

Regardless of the fact that the install file is in a 'zip' file, you may receive a security warning that " is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous" with an option to [Discard] the file.
Opt to [Keep] the file.
This warning appeared using Google Chrome, but not Edge, IE or Firefox.

You may be offered the option to either 'Save' or 'Open' the file.
'Open' is the easier option.

Download Scale Conversions

From this point running the file scale_setup.msi should install the programme. However you may encounter another problem.
The programme uses some software called .NET framework which may or may not already be installed on your PC. If it isn't already installed you will be asked if you want to install it.

Unfortunately when you agree, there is a broken link to the Microsoft site and the installation fails.
Fortunately, manual installation is simple and can be done from here.

Run the installation again and all should be well.

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