Scale Conversions

This is a programme you can install on a 'Windows' PC. It gives all measurements in both Metric and Imperial units. Imperial values are give in both decimal and fractional format.

A separate scale can be specified for the plans if required. This can be used where the plans supplied are not at the 'scale' size or to convert dimensions to a new scale.

This shows the programme set to 1:72 scale, but with the plan size set at 1:35 scale.
Changing any of the red values will update all the corresponding values to match


The scale for the plan can be set by entering the ratio (72/35 = 2.057) of 205.7%
Alternatively it can be set by entering the plan and scale lengths as 72 and 35


Note: The Plan Size column is not shown when the plan is set to 100% of the scale size.


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