Deck Planking Spreadsheet

This is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet based on Ulises Victoria's Deck Planking document.The spreadsheet shows the planking layout, as you work, for different shift patterns.

When first downloaded and opened, depending on your system and security settings, you may see a 'Protected View' warning. If so, click [Enable editing] and the installation will be complete.

If you don't have Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet can be opened with 'Apache Open Office'

Start by choosing a plank length and shift pattern and enter these values on the 'Layout' sheet.
You can start your planking at either the bow or the stern and with or without a centre plank. Normally leave the starting point at 0 to start with a full length plank.

If your model is the opposite way round, i.e. you've opted to start planking at the bow but the actual model's bow is to your right, simply switch to the 'Layout rotated' sheet.

As you complete a row of planking, click the 'Laid' check box for that row to keep track of your progress.


Click the link to download Deck Planking Spreadsheet (37kb)

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