Finding an Article in the Journals


If you are just wanting to view one of the editions of the MSB Journal, simply navigate from the [Back Issues] in the Menu Bar to select the year you want. (Note that issues were not published in every month so the fact that all twelve months may not be offered does not mean an issue is missing).
Click on the image for the month you wish to view or download and the issue will be displayed in a new tab on your PC or device.
In some cases, topics are available as discrete articles, clicking on the topic will open the article instead of the page in the magazine.
Your browser should offer you the option of saving or printing the file. File sizes are typically between 2 & 7Mb.

If you just want to browse through the available topics, select Tables of Contents] from the menu bar.
This shows the contents of every edition of the journal. If you find an item of interest, clicking the 'Month' for that table will open the issue in a new Tab.
In some cases, e.g. if the item is part of a series, as mentioned above, the topic itself will be linked to a discrete article. Linked items are coloured.

If the item you're interested in is likely to be part of a series, have a look at the [Series Articles] page.
All the articles listed on this page are discrete articles rather than a complete journal edition and all installments are listed in sequence.

Searching for a specific topic or subject:

The site search box can only search the pages on the site itself, not the text within the issues themselves. However, as each 'year' has a page which includes all that years tables of contents, the search will find all the issues which contain your search item. However, it will also offer you the 'Tables of Contents' page. Don't select this option as, although it will be in there somewhere, it won't be obvious where it is on a very large page. On the other hand, if you're offered the 'Series Articles' page, that's a good one to choose as all the matches are likely to be grouped together on that page.

There is, however, a good way of searching the 'Tables of Contents' page.
Open that page and then use your browser's search option - usually function key [F3] or Ctrl F. That opens a search box in the corner of your screen and as you type it highlights all the matches in the document. It will tell you how many matches there are and provides cursor buttons allowing you to move up or down to the next/previous match.

There is also a 'Full Index' which is an alphabetical list compiled from the actual contents of the journals rather than just from their tables of contents.
This is the most comprehensive method of searching the journals and can locate items not mentioned in the tables of contents.,