HMS Halifax

Part 3 - Constructing Frames

The kit comes with a framing jig that consists of two parts. The outer portion, which is the actual jig itself and the inner portion which some will discard. However the inner portion of the jig can be used to great advantage when constructing the full frames. Plates 3, 4 and 5 of the plans have all the individual frames on them. You can construct your frames by overlaying your frame parts on the plans and gluing them in place there. But I find it very time consuming to do that. Instead I use the center portion of the framing jig for frame construction.


I draw a center line on the inner portion, The purpose of this line is for centering the floor timbers as will be seen below.


The first step in assembling the frames is to layout the various parts of the frame to ensure you have all the right parts and can plan how you will assemble them.


Next is to clean off the laser char from the ends that will be glued. You could remove all the laser char from the frames parts at this point but it is only necessary to remove the char where glue is going to be applied. The rest of the char can be removed in a later process.


The frame locations are marked on the inner portion of the framing jig. Note that the nibs that stick out are the actual location of the frames not the slots.


The frame is then laid out on the jig, aligning the top timbers with the appropriately marked frame letter. The floor timbers are centered on the center line drawn.


The opposite timbers are then glued and clamped in place. I use normal carpenters glue for this. You could use superglue, but be sure to use one that provides you with a good setting time to allow you to properly place your frame pieces, otherwise you could get into a mess pretty quick with offset pieces. Others like to use a 5 minute epoxy so they can assemble their frames faster.


Your frame is now complete. Remove it from the jig and be sure to mark it.

Repeat the same process for all your full frames.

At this point you could also sand the frames to remove any dirt or glue residue that you may have placed on the frame during the construction. I prefer to leave that process until I'm at the point where I'm about ready to mount the frames in the framing jig.

For additional structural integrity you can also trenail the frame components together.

Half Frames

Half frames are pretty straight forward. Remove the parts from the sheet and lay them out. Then glue them together.




The remaining frames took me about a week to construct. Could have been completed quicker if time permitted. I will clean the laser char off of them as I mount them in the building jig.