HMS Halifax

Part 1 - The Kit

Upon receiving the Halifax timbering kit I unpacked it for examination.


Checking the contents was aided by a list of parts included in the kit. All were present. Noted that the stern carvings, windows, quarter badges and figurehead were 3D printed parts. I have never worked with these before, so some research will be required to determine how to finish them.


Also included is a set of rolled plans which includes six plates and a color coded laser cut parts layout sheet to help speed up the process of selecting the various parts.


Humidity is always a factor when dealing with wood. I have learned over time that it is always good practice to allow the wood to acclimate to the environment you are building in before you start your build to avoid any chance of wood movement affecting your build. I have seen drastic changes in humidity break glue joints when worked with too soon. So, I have the wood un-packaged and sitting on the work bench and will allow it to sit there for a few days before I start the build.