How-to Articles

Items and information that may be of use or interest to a ship modeler


Hull Construction:

  • Copper sheathing - Copper sheathing a hull using self-adhesive copper tape
  • Framing - A Plank-on-Frame Technique - The Hahn Method
  • Gratings - How to make them on a miniature table saw
  • Making dowels - An article written by Keith Harrison
  • Treenails - An article written by Keith Harrison, based on a method described by Alexei Baranov.

(See below for 'Planking')


A task common to many models is planking. This could be either deck planking or hull planking, each having its own challenges and differing techniques.


Considering matters electrical? These articles might be of interest:

Power Supplies and Lighting

One subject that usually crops up is the question of scale and scale conversions.

The following may help:


When rigging a sailing ship model, there are various sections of the standing rigging that were 'Served'.